Monday, April 06, 2009

Pick a pattern, any pattern

You know you live in Nashville when you are applying sun tan lotion/oil one day and then bringing in your plants to avoid a frost the next. Or when you leave your therapist's office with a friend on speed dial because you are trying to get home between tornado sirens and storm cells. Seriously - it's a whole new definition to safety planning when you check the doppler radar to figure out if it's safe for you to leave his office.

The whirlwind of my life continues to grow and expand... some of it good, some of it not so good, some of it yet to be determined. Some of the highlights? I am working with this OUTSTANDING theater company. Opening night is May 1st. I have two smaller roles in two of the four pieces we will be doing. We have an in-house reading on the 19th of April (I have the lead in this one!) and are working on going from there. It's great fun to rehearse with the other actors... what a group of people! Soon, soon this dream should become reality. Hopefully real enough to include a paycheck. At this point, I won't even mind paying taxes on income... I just want an income!

My kitten is getting bigger... as they do... and is much fluffier than anticipated. She's a riot... was chasing her tail just this morning, confused as to what happens once you catch it. We were playing fetch an hour ago... she has several mouse toys that she enjoys playing with this way. When she can't find the mouse, she comes running with another toy in her mouth for me to throw. It's quite adorable. 

My artistic side continues to flourish. I've got a small gallery growing in my living room. Plant random assortments of acrylic on one canvas, stir gently with variously shaped brushes, allow to dry. I'm having fun with it - might even invest in some frames. I have a new favorite haunt for materials... GOODWILL! Seriously. The usefulness of these stores goes unrivaled. My best buy to date? A huge canvas (easily 24 x 36) for about $2. So what if there is something already on it... acrylics are KNOWN for their flexibility in painting over things. :) 

What else is new? Well... I clipped my kitties' toenails today and didn't get scratched. This may seem random to you, but I consider it an accomplishment. I still have scars from the first time I tried going after my Raven with the nail clippers. What caused this random act of grooming? The baby has taken to sleeping on my head/face at night. The teenager has taken to spooking the baby when she is asleep. The combination has left a rather awkward scratch on the tip of my nose to the right side... so if I remove the tips of the claws from BOTH cats, perhaps my face can avoid unplanned piercings. 

That's my random installment of randomness. Enjoy!

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