Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prrrrty Please

On a whim, I checked my internet this morning and was almost knocked backwards in surprise when I discovered it to actually open up my favorite homepage, Okay, I'm not really partial to the page, but when you haven't had internet at home for a week, you get pretty darn excited when you recognize the familiar start-up screen! I'm afraid to say this "out loud" - lest the Gilbert Gods hear me and re-privatize the connection. I do nothing illegal... I'm not about that shit... but I have no qualms using unprotected, unpassworded, unsecured internet. Hey, those waves are wafting through the air, penetrating my windows and latest deal-centric purchases... so I figure I have a right to them!

I decided to upload some pictures of Dave's birthday party. Who is Dave? Well.. if you have to ask, then you clearly do not know him. He's the husband of a very dear friend of mine, and he celebrated his birthday in grand style at Rose Pepper this past Wednesday night. I was the DD for the evening, and partial-photographer. One thing I adore about Dave? His ability to let go and have a grand ole time, no matter who is around or what etiquette says is polite. I admire his childlike simplicity-outlook to the world. Oh, do not get me wrong, he is a very wise, been-through-serious-shit guy... but he's still in touch with his inner-faerie, and that just makes me smile. 

I am laying on my carpeted floor (you know, where the kitchen table would be if I ever got around to getting one) and typing this out. I've got the baby (Naia) to my right. Wait, she moved... now she's on top of me... now she's chasing a mouse-toy under the dresser... back to the point. She's got her "Prrrrrrt" on this morning. It's akin to the sound she makes when she glimpses her sister (Raven) sitting on the coffee table, staring off blissfully into the world (perhaps pondering the meaning of life, or at least tuna)... tail twitching gently, as it always does. The baby will crouch down as low as she can get herself and then... with a loud "Prrrrrt!" she pounces. The humor? Raven actually lets her do this a few times, building up her confidence that the tail IS in fact a toy, before bobbing her good on the ears. 

Life must be good for a cat... at least these two spoiled little angel children. They are enjoying the warmer weather and corresponding open screen doors. AND, my good little girls? They did the one thing yesterday that I tell them IS their responsibility in this house... they killed a spider. Okay, so I stopped them from eating it... those cute little pink sandpapery tongues wake me up ever morning, and I don't want to be licked by someone with arachnid-breath. That's just gross. So bugs beware, I've got two little lionesses laying in wait. 

I'm off. It's in the 80s today and bright sunshine. This means I'm in heaven right now... and will spend as much of my day as humanly possible in the sun. :) 

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