Sunday, November 09, 2008

Succinct is Supreme

Looking for socioculturalpolitical ramblings? Sorry, you will need to read another blog tonight. This rant is purely self-serving.

I had an evening meeting tonight that kept me away from home several hours longer than desired. I walk into the living room space of the church that allows us into their space for this event, and sit down on the squishy brown leather couch. There are a few others present - but not one member of the leadership! Two of the four officers eventually saunter into the room, bringing our meeting to decorum without offering the slightest of explanations for their tardiness. 

The evening disintegrates further when one woman goes into explicit, eccentric detail about an idea - literally pulling out a book and beginning to read to us excerpts from a manuscript. The question eliciting such a response? What age group do you think this performance is designed for? When someone asks you a question, please give them a DIRECT answer. Although YOU may feel the need to justify said answer with a complete rhetorical analysis of the question and complete memoir of the author (including the missing chapters), we do not. 

In conclusion: 
- People want sound bytes, not manuscripts
- Learn to be succinct
- Do not waste other people's time!
- Think before you speak
- Save your ramblings for someone that actually gives a crap
- Can't find anyone? Consider therapy.

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Anna said...

"Can't find anyone? Consider therapy"
Oh touché!

That Cracked me up Kayti! Seriously, i love your outlook on lifes little ups and downs!