Sunday, November 16, 2008

And then there were three...

That's right everyone, I have now submitted my FIFTH application to graduate schools. I took a hiatus from applications while attempting to maintain relative control over my department at work - training, meetings, crisis situations, discovering my desk underneath all those papers, meetings, assessment projects, rewriting student worker positions, negotiating budgets and more meetings. In fact, today was my first day in... three weeks? Maybe longer? 

Don't break open the champagne just yet... I still need to print out the paper materials and take them to the post office tomorrow. Then there's that detail of 3 other schools remaining to apply to before I'm finished this task. The challenge in all this? Winter has come with her full fury! It started snowing a few hours ago and isn't supposed to stop until Tuesday. My printer is at work... so no printing until I dig my car out and get to campus. When will that be? Tomorrow morning, bright and early. No such thing as snow days up here unless it's a certifiable blizzard. And I'm not talking DQ specialities.

Hmmm. Highlight of the day? Making my own peppermint hot cocoa and sipping on that while looking out at the cold world and playing with the kitties. I spent the morning engaging in various crafting projects - HEAVEN! I decided not to participate in the various things I was supposed to do today, opting for a 24-hour period in my own home instead. It's needed! 

I'm having a few folks over on Wednesday, so cleaning should happen at some point. Knowing me... it'll be... Wednesday? before this happens. Sounds about right. I'm not so much lazy as just overly busy. And overly tolerant of dust and fur and dishes in my sink. Anyone know how to train a cat (or two) to chip in around the house???

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