Thursday, July 23, 2009

Faerie vs. Ferry

I have decided that faeries are FAR more reliable creatures than ferries. Now, the boats are fun and all when you are up early with your family and able to stand on deck... sun beating down gently on your back... ocean spray bouncing up in your face. There are some great things about the ferries... including being able to drive around the next island with your family. BUT... when you have to wait TWO HOURS to get onto a ferry late at night... when you start to wonder if you're going to get home at all... well, that's when I've had enough. Many people have challenged me to sit still. Somehow... being stuck in a car in line for two hours on the tip of an island waiting for a boat was NOT what they had in mind. I hope.

So other than the whole ordeal of nearly getting stranded on the island... yesterday at Ocracoke was WONDERFUL. We spent the morning at the beach and then changed into "civilian clothes" to wander around the various shops. Dinner was at the Back Porch restaurant. It was okay... my family tends to enjoy fancy seafood places far more than me. I did find this delightful hummus dish that was just the right size. Funny how large appetizers can be the perfect amount for a main course. I was able to find a cup of coffee on the island as well, which made for a happy Kayti.

One really cool-somewhat-freaky-glad-it-went-away thing... we saw the beginnings of a water spout!!! This is the closest I've ever been to a tornado, despite living in Nashville. It was rather freaky. I'm glad I got some pictures of it... and that we got off the beach before the storm came to shore. You'd be surprised how fast a group of people can tear down camp when you start to see funnel clouds forming and you are parked about 15 feet from the ocean. :P We did get some great sunset shots last night though... here's one to share!

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Ali Davis said...

that water spout picture is really freaky!! believe it or not, i was in a tornado (in the albany area, of all places)whhen i was a kid. scary stuff!

the sunset picture is breathtaking! that's a definite photo portfolio picture, for sure!! it's GORGEOUS!